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For the plants

On regenerated soil, you give yourself the means for this paradigm shift

Depending on the solution you have adopted for the soil and your objectives, we will adapt one or more formulas so that the plants express their abundance.

Healthy farming



A single product as a global answer

When an efficient solution - therefore an investment - is installed in the ground, you will want to see your plants express their full potential, to draw the quintessence.

F-Global  was designed for this. It directs, among other things, the plant towards its mostbig power: its reproduction. He reestablished his autotrophy.

By being regular in the contributions, a substantial increase in production is to be expected, as well as the resilience of the plants in the face of climate (including frost) and aggressors.  You will like the increase in flavors (including in the vine) and the preservation of products.

You will see, bees love it, predators too: it's a very good sign!

Want to add less? Give power to the ground.

Natural fertilizers

Powder to spray in liquid

During cultivation, either as a foliar spray or as a drip, you have, with F-Ferti,a response to the demand for positive nutrition, because it is the plant that nourishes the plant, here in a version full of amino acids.

The response on the plant is immediate, even in cold periods when the soil does not yet deliver its flow of minerals.


 Mr Raspail 

Market gardener in 69

"I have been working with Upness for two years. Thanks to their solutions and their very precise application programs, I managed to cultivate land that was really not conducive to market gardening. Easy to set up, their biostimulants make it possible to to obtain good results and an improvement in the quality of my soil while preserving its ecosystem.
Much more than just sales people, Arnaud and Pierre Luc have a real sensitivity for living things. Thank you very much for your daily follow-up and listening."

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