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For the soil

Regenerate it and restore its full fertility potential

Depending on what exists on your farm, our analyses, we will develop the most suitable strategy, the principles of which we describe here.

Healthy farming


Plant cover policy

This is our first advice

If this is possible for you, plant cover is your best organic material and your cheapest fertilizer .

In our experiences, using Sol Start + F- Global is a choice that will allow you to quickly increase stable humus, fertility. It is your most balanced fertilizer in Redox, micro and nanominerals.

Are you looking for a mixture to structure your soils and solve nematodes? .

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Plant compost policy

If you can't find one locally

With or without a plant cover policy, to fertilize your soil and/or raise the level of organic matter, you will need plant matter.

If it is difficult for you to find good quality compost near you, we have selected a range of high quality composts.

Without positive microbial life in your soils, you will not reap the benefits. To change this, pair it with SolStart.

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The basis of regeneration

Indispensable everywhere and all the time

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Whether you have plant cover, compost, chemical fertilizers, organic or not, you can use Sol Start or Sol Pep's (in large crops) all the time, whatever the nature of the soil and the growing substrate you use. .

Sol Start and Sol Pep's help to rebalance the biological, chemical and energy parameters of your soils and substrates.

By adding Vit'aime , increase biodiversity, a true positive symphony of microlife.

The positive consequence will also be on the health of your plants. You will find them more resilient and more productive.

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Because not everyone has 5-7% organic matter available, each crop has different needs, and production goals are personal, this leads you to fertilize.

When you do it with fertilizers that kill life in the soil and/or block it and/or cause disease, then it is necessary to repair, regenerate and it is ultimately costly.

We are committed to offering you fertilizers that respect the life of the soil and its functioning, and contribute to the health of plants and the environment.

The plant base is in our opinion the best answer, because that is how fertile forests work.

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We are committed to making the soil fertile.
To complete our offer, we can supply you with top quality zeolite

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