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For water

Because   water quality is essential

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We are distributor 

The quality, simplicity and robustness of DOSATRON no longer needs to be demonstrated.

Ideal for dosing products like SolStart and F-Ferti.

To order the appropriate dosing pump, contact us.

Other irrigation equipment, contact us.

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  • Simple installation

  • ease of use

  • Accuracy

  • Time saving



Restructuring & dynamization

some water

We are distributor 

When we detect unbalanced or even polluted water in our analyses, we look for solutions.

Homeo Dekalc will structure the water and improve its quality, but not only.

For any information, contact us. 

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  • Descales

  • Lowers oxidation

  • Eliminates biofilms

  • Reduces fertilizer consumption

  • Reduces water consumption

  • Contributes to increased yields

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