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For the plants

On regenerated soil, you give yourself the means for this paradigm shift

Depending on the solution you have adopted for the soil and your objectives, we will adapt one or more formulas so that the plants express their abundance.

Healthy farming

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single product as overall answer

When an efficient solution - therefore an investment - is installed in the ground, you will want to see your plants express their full potential, to draw the quintessence.

F-Global  was designed for this. It directs, among other things, the plant towards its mostbig power: its reproduction. He reestablished his autotrophy.

By being regular in the contributions, a substantial increase in production is to be expected, as well as the resilience of the plants in the face of climate (including frost) and aggressors.  You will like the increase in flavors (including in the vine) and the preservation of products.

You will see, bees love it, predators too: it's a very good sign!

Want to add less? Give power to the ground.

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Foliar fertilizers

It happens that the soil is out of balance or insufficient.

Foliar fertilization provides an immediate response.

F-Ferti meets a global need.

The mononutrient fertilizer B-Ca-Cu-Fe-K-Mg-Mn-Mo-S-Zn responds to the deficiencies observed.

We have our own analysis tools and we work with a renowned laboratory in foliar analysis.

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The balancing mineral

If it is present in the soil, when it is present in the plant, it does wonders to improve everything. Cell walls are strengthened with all the beneficial effects that we enjoy letting you discover.

To introduce it into the plant, and not on the surface, we have concocted a unique fermented formula makes it 100% assimilable.

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 2022 F-SiFerm Can 10 L.png

Others products

In addition

Depending on the conditions at the time, we can advise you to use other products from our range, the virtues of which we are discovering every day.

Obviously, advice is always given to solve a problem.

They are used in foliar spraying or on the ground, drop by drop and sometimes in a mixture.

They are in our range, and on your request, we will provide you with the characteristics and their price.

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