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Soon spring: how to act on your soils and your plants?

Because climate change is increasing, we share feedback from our customers with you. For our customers who applied SolStart in the fall, the effects of water retention are now visible and allow future crops to start under much better water conditions, with a much more permeable soil making the absorption of water easier, even with smaller quantities…

At the beginning of spring, when the rains bring a little humidity, it is important to accompany your soil as soon as it wakes up: a contribution of SolStart will allow to install a new microbial life and to stimulate the existing one with the increase of the Gradual temperatures, adding fine compost will feed this new activity and promote the decompaction of the earth and therefore its water retention capacities. Have SolStarten stock, to bring at the right time. If you are equipped with watering, including drop-by-drop, you have more flexibility, you can intervene at any time. Fertilization is essential during this start-up or recovery period with basic fertilizer such as SolFerti in balls to be spread. If you need a “boost”, F-Ferti plant fertilizer in soil spray will do the trick. The whole will provide resilience through faster growth, as well as tissue strengthening brought about by a supply of balanced nutrients. As soon as the vegetation is on the way, you will have to spray weekly, 10 days or bimonthly as the case may be with F-Global, in order to stimulate the plant to easily collect the minerals and the water contained in your soils. This mineral abundance increases cell wall thickness and dry matter. The plant acquires more capacity to capture water from the air, to store it and requires less water. This is how you will get more frost and dry resilience. Customers tell us that they need up to 50% less water. It goes without saying that you need less watering, therefore less work and cost, which is a benefit, but the most important thing is that you increase your chances of harvesting by shortage, and that counts more in addition.

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