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Soil regeneration


  • In start 10-15 l/ha

  • After each application of fertilizer 2 to 5 l/ha

  • On long cultivation 5 l/ha/month or 2 l/ha/week g-to-g.

2022 SolStart Can 10 L.png

Call us before using

B - Monitoring by our technicians
  1. We ensure the follow-up and the implementation of the applications:   on site or video call.

  2. We provide follow-up during cultivation: by visits and calls (video calls preferably)


  1. Shake well SolStart

  2. Fill your tank with water (non-chlorinated) and pour SolStart

  3. Use fertilizer net jets for non-fine spraying, preferably atminimum 500 L of water/ha

  4. Spray at max 3 bar on the ground or onvegetation

  5. Spray just before a rain or water immediately.

  6. Your goal is to penetrate the product into the ground;

  7. Keep moist.

Sprayed SolStart.png


  • Regenerate the soil

  • Reduce diseases and insects

  • More yields

  • Raise the level of organic matter in the presence of plants

  • Unpack the earth

  • Reduce leaching

  • Decrease flooding 

  • Reduces the effects of drought and therefore the need for watering

  • Reduces erosion

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