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In cultivation


  • 2 to 3 L/ha/week by drips on intensive crops such as tomatoes, etc.

  • 5 L/ha/month on sandy soil and on long crops.

2022 SolStart Can 10 L.png

Call us before any use

B - Monitoring by our technicians
  1. We ensure the follow-up and the implementation of the applications:   on site or video call.

  2. We provide follow-up during cultivation: by visits and calls (video calls preferably)


  • Shake SolStart well

  • Fill your tank with water (not chlorinated) and pour SolStart

  • Apply drip

  • in localized spraying on the row, ensure a minimum of 500 L of water/ha

  • Your goal is to get the product close to the roots 

  • Keep moist.


  • provide a stimulating environment for the roots

  • lower oxidation

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