Our method, to guarantee your results!

A - Solution
  1. Soil analysis in our laboratories: Redox, microbial life, organic matter, oxygenation, mineral availability, insect and fungal risk + taking into account of your technical itinerary and your expectations and objectives (yields, diseases, quality, etc.)

  2. Advice and proposal of the solution with establishment of a new route.

B - Monitoring by our technicians
  1. We ensure the monitoring and implementation of applications:   on site or video call.

  2. We provide follow-up during cultivation: by visits and calls (video calls preferably)

C - Control
  1. Sanitary and agronomic results

  2. The yields and the qualitative criteria initially selected are measured

  3. Analysis of variances in quantified results in margin variation

A 1 - Analysis of your soils


Extract from our soil analyzes made in our laboratory, by our methods.

Our analyzes aim to:

⁃ Educational information, ⁃ Measurement and control tool for us, in order to improve the quality of our advice and the volumes of our products to be applied, but also to approach the measurements of agronomic results and of yields or qualitative results observed.

⁃ Tool to help understand the functioning of soils, plants and interactions with various elements (inputs, water, etc.)

In no case do they have a scientific value known and deemed to be true and verified by external laboratories. However, it is planned in our strategy to work in collaboration with external laboratories.

They are not invoiced, are our property, and as such cannot be distributed, nor in any case be used to defend any cause whatsoever. We remind you that the sale and use of our products is subject to our general conditions of sale, which are provided to you with your 1st order.

A2 -Programs

The '' all-in-one '' typology of our product design allows us to write cultivation programs that are very simple to apply and require few products: here are 2 examples.

You can use all or part of the products in your own programs.
Ask us for advice on how to quickly raise the organic matter rate.


A2 - New Itinerary - software and tool for managing your applications


B - Field monitoring

We support you permanently on all your applications

We follow your crops and adapt our advice.

C - Control of results

We can analyze the differences in qualitative and financial results compared to the witness

We follow you using this software

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