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User manual

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Call us before using

B - Monitoring by our technicians
  1. We ensure the follow-up and the implementation of the applications:   on site or video call.

  2. We provide follow-up during cultivation: by visits and calls (video calls preferably)

What use?

Success Tips

1 - Verification of dosages

You can download this utility here

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3 - Weather check

Best App Moments.png

2 - Communication before application

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Tomorrow 2 p.m. on 1.45 ha - 15 l SolStart in 800 L of water. Bare ground Rain forecast at 3:00 p.m.

4 - Hardware check

Kwerneland sprayer.png

Use jet nozzles. Max 3 bar. Increase the flow rate per jet as if locally we had 2,000 liters of water/ha. We want theGroundStart passes through the vegetation and enters the ground and then the rain orwateringdoes the rest.

Sprayed SolStart.png

5 - Application verification

Take a shovel to check how deep your product is in the ground

Shovel in the earth.png

6 - Verification after 1 month

  • Again, take a shovel to check how deep your product is in the ground

  • Send us a photo​


Why apply?

SolPep's improves the physical and chemical properties of the soil by increasing biological activity. SolPep's increases nutrient supply and crop resistance.

SolPep's allows a vie healthy soil with increased presence of earthworms. This improves the structureof the soil, making it looser and increasing water retention capacity.

SolPep's allows excellent degradation of crop residues

SolPep's active root growth and nutrient availability.

SolPep's reduces parasitic, fungal and pathological pressure in the soil

SolPep's.png graph

The role of the elements 

Fermented compounds

SolPep's contains a variety of different microorganisms (lactic acid bacteria, yeast, photosynthetic bacteria), as well as fermented plant extracts from over 20 different herbs. 




Usable in organic farming in accordance with EC regulation 2018/848

Storage and precaution


  • Store between 5 and 25°C in a dry place, out of direct sunlight

  • Do not store in the presence of hydrocarbons and derivatives

  • Do not exceed adequate doses

  • Keep out of reach of children

  • Avoid contact with the eyes

Plant-derived amino acids - Humic and fulvic acids Liquid carbon source - Fatty acids - Algae blend - Non-GMO microorganisms - Vegetable herb extracts - Fermented blend

EU MRL analysis method pH analysis. 4.2l DS w/v. 55% l Gram/Ltr 1160 l GCMS AGF(Q) (ANA-004 and 006) < MRL



Important: the fact of using this product implies the unreserved acceptance of the general conditions of sale of Up'ness Agrilife : cf § 7 - Guarantees and Responsibilities. Before use, carefully read the MSDS, TDS safety data sheets. The product is for business purposes only. This product must not be used as a phytosanitary product: for the complete definition, refer to Regulation (EU) 1107/2009. Each user/purchaser is personally responsible for the application of this product. For specific advice, please contact us.

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