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Soil analysis, advice where not, whatever your soils, organic crops or not, and methods, you can use SolStart and F -Global . They will greatly contribute to the regeneration of your soils and the health of your plants. You will find them more resilient and more productive. They respond to the challenge of climate change, diseases and insects, removal of pesticides, copper and sulphur.

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F-SiFerm will strengthen cellular tissues  to increase production and resilience.  F-Prime sometimes replaces F-Global in times of fungal pressure. F-Pixum sometimes replaces F-Global in times of insect pressure. SolPower balances and restores vitality to tired and infested soils.

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SolFerti , 100% plant-based granular fertilizer, is a basic fertilizer that respects your soil and ensures good harvests.


F-Ferti , liquid fertilizer also on a 100% vegetable base, is a good supplement to fertilizer both to ensure plant growth, fruit or flowering.

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To fertilize your soil or raise the level of organic matter, Up'ness has selected a range of composts that can be combined with SolStart . Our plant debris is more or less composted (mulch, mulch, ramial fragmented wood - RCW) to meet your needs. We guarantee a very high level of quality and 100% vegetable origin