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Vines without mildew, powdery mildew, fungicides, sulfur or copper, is it possible?

Objectively, the answer is yes.

In a lab, on a Petri dish, and in a greenhouse by inoculation, the Up'ness result is 100%, and for the moment, outdoors, we have a few experiments with 100% results and others with 70% and others a stall.

But you need 100% results and we understand that.

The difference between the lab&greenhouse and the outside lies in 2 essential parameters:

1 - the volume of the substrate in relation to the ground (which is to be taken into consideration up to where the roots descend - ie often more than 2 m.)

2 - the inertia of the wood of the vines.

To obtain the maximum result in the 1st year, it is necessary to create the right soil parameters as soon as vegetation resumes in the spring. And therefore to intervene in the fall, then from us in the spring twice.

This field experience led us to reconsider the dosages recommended two years ago.

When we measure at the end of March the parameters of your soil having reached the target at a depth of 1 meter, then we have the results as in a greenhouse without any constraint of ionic charge and geobiology: cf. my previous post.

This means that interventions with F-Global may decrease in frequency, especially from the second year.

In addition, we observed that an Up'ness solution applied in the spring (on the ground and on leaves) + fertilizer in September, favored frost resistance the following year. This year, we were able to achieve results down to -5°C. This should interest more than one.

Pierre-Luc QUAAK

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