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Soil improvement and fertility

Different approaches to effective soil fertility management in addition to Up’ness solutions:

Soil fertility is its ability to support plant growth and optimize crop yield. It can be improved by adding 100% vegetable fertilizers and biostimulants and regenerators to the soil. Up'ness solutions provide data that improves soil fertility and crop production while minimizing environmental consequences. Soil fertility management aims to optimize the efficiency of nutrient use for agronomic purposes and to increase crop productivity. This objective can be achieved through grain legumes, which improve soil fertility by biological nitrogen fixation, and the application of 100% vegetable fertilizers promotes soil health and non-degradation. Whether planted for seed or green manure, or as pasture or as trees in agro-forestry systems, legumes are of particular importance due to their ability to fix atmospheric nitrogen, which contributes to reduce the use of commercial nitrogen fertilizers and improve soil fertility. They form the basis of sustainable agricultural systems involving nutrient management. Using biostimulants like SolStart helps understand the dynamics of different elements and their interactions, including nitrogen fixation by legumes and soil nitrogen use by crops, both in single cropping systems and in intercropping systems. Soil fertility can be further improved not only by the introduction of cover crops, which add organic matter to the soil, which improves its structure as well as its condition and fertility, but also, on the one hand, by the addition of green manures or leguminous crops, which fix atmospheric nitrogen through the process of biological nitrogen fixation, the application of micro-doses of vegetable fertilizers to compensate for losses due to the consumption of plants and other processes, and on the other hand by the drastic reduction of losses by leaching below the rooting zone of the plants thanks to a better use of water and nutrients.

… a new look that allows you to understand and act

You can ask our technicians to come and advise you throughout your crops. To advise you and effectively manage your soils and crops, we have developed new analyzes that provide a real state of health and fertility of your soils, a tool for understanding. Among other things, we analyze Redox, oxygen, microbial life, etc. and give you the fungal, insect, bacterial and viral risk values, with interpretation and advice.

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