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Updated: Jan 9, 2023

Undeniably it is a “hot” subject! Isn't it traumatic for a farmer to see his crop destroyed by frost? So I'll spare you the details. And 2022 has been painful.

We see solutions springing up everywhere, more or less costly and more or less effective.

I am going to share with you here some elements that will allow you to think about a strategy. Over the years we have obtained interesting and significant results in the event of frost. Last spring, we achieved “protection” down to -5° on fruit trees and market gardening. It is certainly attractive! but we believe that this is not yet a sufficiently effective method with 100% guarantees. Why? Simply, because it depends on several factors. If we talk about the frost itself, it is very uneven depending on the altitude in the plot, the peak of frost, its duration, etc. If this varies with the type of plant, we have also noticed that it is essentially the quality (vitality) that makes the difference, and this quality depends on the quality of your soils.

Our solutions We hear our customers tell us: "Do you have a product against freezing? ". Answer: Yes and no. It turns out that when we stimulate the plant with F-Global, depending on the concentration and the volume applied per hectare, we can cause in 24 to 48 hours a peak of mineralization in the plant up to 10 times higher than the control not applied and this peak is present for about 10 days. When this peak is present, the comparison is the same as salting an icy road, the more salt you put, the lower the freezing point is, with an almost immediate action! As for the action of F-Global, it is a minimum implementation of 24 to 72 hours before the frost episode, so it is planned in advance, so have F-Global in stock. If the parts to be protected are woody, the action is either less effective, unless you do it differently. First, it is necessary to penetrate the product into the woods and on this point we are still at the experimental stage in order to find the maximum concentrations of F-Global. Subsequently, it will be necessary to intervene further upstream of a period of frost because the reaction may take longer, especially when the circulatory activity of the sap is not sufficiently present. And finally, it also depends on your soils, of course if the minerals are not available for the plant, not assimilable or absent, you will stimulate in foliar mode, not much will happen, in these specific cases, F- Ferti with a contribution of 30 l/ha to the soil will not be luxury!

Cell structure matters When you work with our solutions, the cell walls are thicker, more resistant, the rate of dry matter, sometimes tripled, is the indicator of this transformation. Obviously on a culture in place, a regular intervention each week with F-Global allows it. On fruit trees, including vines, we have had convincing results down to -5°C in Yonne, Loiret, and in Germany with 1 or 2 F-Global at 3%. And when you have worked a whole year with our solutions, the tree including the woods are also reinforced, we have an example on kiwifruit in the Drôme in the spring of 2022, where the only plot not affected by frosts was managed with a protocol complete Up'ness, among the 15 ha of surrounding kiwis having suffered numerous losses and this without additional spraying of F-Global.

Other benefits All applications of F-Global are natively beneficial: better fungal resilience, insects, etc. better fertilization, fruiting and better yield. Using higher concentrations of F-Global at frost time only increases this benefit, it is in no way an additional burden. You will undeniably realize in post frost that the vegetation is fully active. The fact that a peak of mineralization occurs for more than 10 days is also interesting for its practical and effective side, indeed as soon as the application is made it remains effective over a period of several days. We are actively looking for other "testers", in particular to test different protocols, in order to create other proofs and also to refine the effectiveness and our recommendations according to the cultures and finally to further increase the protection threshold (-6 °C, -7°C, who knows?).

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