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Leek plants: it started in 1988

At the time, I had decided to specialize in the production and marketing of salad plants and I created NOVAPLANT. As some of my customers asked me for leek plants, I started looking for a reliable partner for my customers. I have been working since then with Piet Kapteijns, Plantenkwekerij KAPTEIJNS, as a supplier of conventional leek plants, i.e. more than 30 years of relationship of trust with him, but also with my customers. And I have great pleasure in sharing with you that he uses production methods that are more than respectful of the soil, the environment and your health.

In 2010, still at the request of my customers, I looked for a serious partner in the supply of organic leek plants. Thus was grafted a second relationship of trust with Keizers Organic Plants, which to my great surprise provided the same level of plant quality and performance as Kapteijns.

Between organic and conventional, more than 75 million plants/year are distributed in France. So as manager of Up'ness, it seemed important to me that you know that you can also trust us for your market gardening plants, because for more than 30 years we have only grown with you, thanks to you but also thanks to this quality of plant and service.

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