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Endives: the challenge of sclerotinia in organic and conventional

On 16 11-2022 we wrote :

The season has just started and many of you are dreading sclerotinia on endives. We have been working on this subject for 5 years and for 2 years we have had good results with our new range. Here is an example of a result from one of our clients.

On February 14 we have other results to present to you :

*The photo on the left was taken on January 23 *The photo on the right was taken on February 3: 11 days later ready to harvest with 100% healthy roots. Up'ness protocol at another client:

Observe the difference with the control at the same customer on the same planting date: 70% of sclerotinia on the control Overall, we are seeing 100% increases in yields and a 50% reduction in growing time. It's fun for everyone, don't you think? For the record: SolStart and F-Prime were used.

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