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Autumn: it's time to prepare for the next season

As you may have read in my previous posts, you now know how to increase soil fertility.

Autumn is the ideal time to act on the increase in organic matter as well as on microbial life.

For this you have 2 levers: adding compost, stimulating microbial life and reducing oxidation. In order to install life in the soil, we need water, and the autumn climate is normally conducive to giving us sufficient quantities of rain to initiate biological activity in the soil.

We are suppliers of compost, including one enriched with micro-organisms, humus, fulvic and humic acids. In association with SolStart you will initiate regeneration.

By doing so :

You make a stable humus,

You increase the reserve of minerals and especially nano-minerals,

You aerate the ground,

You "load it with water", so that it returns more later, you can observe that with regard to climate change it is no longer a luxury, but a necessity! .

You lower the oxidation over a wider horizon, having the effect of having a more stable, powerful and sustainable culture "base".

You give yourself the means that your fertilizer inputs become “supplements”.

All you need to do is make an additional spray of SolStart in the spring to create fertile soil with substantial reductions in fungal and insect risk.

Ask us for an analysis before and one in the spring after the second intervention. We will provide you with the necessary protocols and advice, depending on your soils and your objectives, to succeed.

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