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  Soil analysis 

To advise you and effectively manage your soils and crops, we have developed new analyzes that provide a real state of health and fertility of your soils, a tool for understanding. Among other things, we analyze Redox, oxygen, microbial life, etc. and give you the fungal, insect, bacterial and viral risk values, with interpretation and advice



  Consulting & training 

The advice follows the soil analysis and your objectives. Upon receipt of your products, we train you: - how and why to use them, - how to adapt them to the context - to set up management and communication tools. - how to be more effective with us If you understand why you do things, you will get much better results We want to establish a real human relationship with you and with your activities.


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It is so important that we created an application: the App’ness.Ultra easy, fun and fast, it guides you, simplifies your life. App’ness allows you to prepare your actions and ofsave them. App’ness makes us live your fields (pictures, videos,..),as if we were there.

This is the key to efficiency and success.



40% of the success is here!

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  Field monitoring 

We accompany you throughout your crops in order to observe and follow the evolution of the health of your soils and plants, and measure certain parameters (redox, microbial life) to adapt the programs in progress and provide advice.


The ground, there is only that of true!



On your request, we can analyze your yields, and your differences in results, with the aim of providing you with objective data, allowing you to adopt a strategy with a view to optimizing the results.


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