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User manual


Call us before any use

What use?

To prevent fungal attacks

What dosage?

  • Prevention: 25% of the dose of F-Global mixed with F-Global

  • Pressures: 1 to 2% with 200 to 800 L of water/ha to be renewed once, then continue with  F-Global

  • Shake well F-Prime

  • Fill your tank with (non-chlorinated) water and pour F-Prime

  • Spray on dry vegetation

  • Use very fine jets 

  • Preferably use a forced air or centrifugal jet sprayer, for an over-under spray.

  • Your objective is to fully wet  le foliage

Success Tips

1 - Verification of dosages

You can download this utility here

Utilitaire Dosage F-Global.png

2 - Communication before application

Bulle SMS.png

Tomorrow 06:00 on 1.45 ha - 5 l F-Prime with 500 L of water.

3 - Weather check

Meilleurs moments d'application.png

4 - Hardware check

Pulvérisateur Kwerneland.png

Use fine jet nozzles.  We prefer a fairly fine spray above and below.

Pulvé gris.png

Why apply?

When the soil has not reached the desired oxidation   and oxygenation   parameters, then fungal pressures are felt on sensitive plant species. In this case it is necessary to act in prevention and to increase dosage and frequency of use depending on the case. If you wish to reduce its use, it is necessary to reconsider the soil parameters by using suitable fertilizers such as SolFerti and increase the applications of SolSart

To refine its use and effectiveness, we have designed ground-breaking soil tests and developed programs that you can view here .

Storage and precaution



  • Store between 5 and 25°C in a dry place, out of direct sunlight

  • Do not store in the presence of hydrocarbons and derivatives

  • Do not exceed adequate doses

  • Keep out of reach of children

  • Avoid contact with the eyes

  • Wash hands after handling the product. When handling the product, wear protective clothing.

  • In case of accident or if you feel unwell, seek medical advice (show this label where possible).


  • ao. plant extracts, saponified oils Molybdenum 0.02%


Important: the fact of using this product implies the unreserved acceptance of the general conditions of sale of Up'ness Agrilife : cf § 7 - Guarantees and Responsibilities. Before use, carefully read the MSDS, TDS safety data sheets. The product is for professional use only. This product must not be used as a phytosanitary product: for the complete definition, refer to Regulation (EU) 1107/2009. Each user/purchaser is personally responsible for the application of this product. For specific advice, please contact us.

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