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Foliar stimulation


  • 1%, i.e. 2 L/200 L/ha

  • vary the volume of water according to the vegetation

2022 F-Global Can 10 L.png

Call us before using

B - Monitoring by our technicians
  1. We ensure the follow-up and the implementation of the applications:   on site or video call.

  2. We provide follow-up during cultivation: by visits and calls (video calls preferably)


  • Shake well F-Global

  • Fill your tank with (non-chlorinated) water and pour F-Global

  • Spray on slightly damp vegetation at sunrise (or sunset)

  • Use fine enough jets for a fine enough spray

  •   Preferably use a pulsed air or centrifugal jet sprayer, for an over-under spray

  • Your goal is to get the product into the sheet, so it needs to be at runoff point and dry within 30 mins.

Sprayed F-Global.png


  • More yields

  • More earliness

  • Better flowering and flower protection

  • Allows healthier harvests (diseases and insects)

  • Better fertilization

  • Unparalleled flavors

  • Better appearance

  • Better conservation

  • Resilience to extreme conditions (frost, drought, rain, storms)

  • Increase in market value

  • Increase in dry matter, proteins, brix, etc.

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