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Healthy farming

Increase your organic matter rate

Choose green manures that you will stimulate in the same way as your crops with SolStart and F- Global .

In addition, we have a whole range of very high quality compost , which can act as a fertilizer and/or as a soil restructuring agent and increase your rate of organic matter while respecting the life of the soil.

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Natural compost 0-20

Any culture

Compost Mulch Leaves_edited.jpg
Natural Compost 0-20 _edited.png

Natural compost 0-20 + soil activator

Any culture

Compost Mulch 0-50

Heavy soil type

Compost Mulch 0-50_edited.jpg
Fragmented Wood Compost_edited.jpg

Fragmented Wood Compost

Increases the structure the fall application

Fragmented Ramial Wood BRF

increase the structure the application early autumn

Fragmented Real Wood_edited.jpg
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