More safety, higher operating results, high quality products and a totally unspoiled environment ...

… Thanks to regenerated soil and stimulated plants!

Direct benefits

regenerated soil
of a stimulated plant
  • Increase in yields

  • Deeper rooting

  • Increase in organic matter - in the presence of green manures and plant compost

  • Unpacked earth, even at depth. It becomes loose and crumbly - almost no need for plowing,  

  • Yields less sensitive to climatic excesses

  • Reduced cultural risk

  • The soil behaves like a sponge and absorbs rainwater, reducing flooding and erosion

  • Watering requirements decrease from 20 to 60%.

  • Contributes to lower fertilizer inputs, because losses by leaching and leaching are greatly reduced. The soil minerals are released and the clay-humic complex is activated: fertility is increased.

  • The autotrophic function is restored: this is its ability to synthesize and fetch in the soil itself the elements it needs to nourish and protect itself.


  • Its functions of natural immune defenses are restored


  • And thanks to the minerals in the soil, released by SolStart, it will considerably improve its quality , its proteins and its taste, thus contributing to increasing the market value of your productions,

  • "Zero pesticides"


  • Much easier management.

Environmental benefits

  • Regenerated soil absorbs a very large amount of CO2 and actively participates in the fight against global warming . In the near future this will be remunerated


  • Soil and groundwater are being cleaned up


  • Biodiversity, flora and fauna is reestablished: bees, ladybugs, birds, etc ... are reappearing


  • The contribution to the preservation and improvement of human and animal health is unequivocal

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