Natural inputs all soils, all crops: organic and conventional

Up'ness is aimed at conventional and organic farmers aware of the need to change , and who want to implement innovative, avant-garde solutions that have proven their worth.

Our solutions are alternatives to chemistry and copper and thus meet the new needs of `` zero pesticides '' in complete safety and with respect for nature.

We have developed a method for:

  • diagnose your soils

  • develop and offer you a range of inputs offering a global and total response,

  • advice

  • monitoring of applications and results

This method, simple to implement and reassuring, allows farmers to

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

  • regenerate their soils,

  • grow without diseases or pests,

  • grow without control methods, whether chemical or biological,

while preserving or increasing crop quality and financial benefits .

New & free analysis of your soils

... a new perspective that allows you to understand and act  

It all starts with the quality of your floors .

Our unprecedented analyzes give you a real state of health and fertility of your soils, a tool for understanding and allow us to advise you in a more relevant and effective way.

Our customers are satisfied


We are partners of the Food Scanner project

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